INTEGRATED ARTISTS GALLERY distributes Bulgarian art worldwide. We are supporting talented professional artists from all over our beautiful country by managing their quality online visibility, encouraging their inspirational artistic development, welcoming their unique solo art exhibition events and distribute their mesmerizing original pieces globally. Our mission is to help the talented and well-educated creators in our country with their professional growth and ability to create new amazing artworks, in harmony with the global demands and trends. We aim to educate the local society about art value, cultural essence and the extraordinary creational processes.
How to buy an ūüćÄRIGINAL ARTWūüíďRK?

Feel free to ask yourself these questions: 
- Does it take your focus on its details?
- Does it make you feel at home and happy?
- Do you want to be near it and touch it? 
- Do you want to express your love to someone with it? 
- Is it made with natural materials? Is it eco friendly? 
- Is it a printed 3D object or a real valuable work of art? 

You will find your answers in our gallery and be surprised that it's actually quite affordable. And in a beautiful variety of inspirational fine art, skillful woodcarvings, stunning stone pieces, bizarre metal figures and unique wall art reliefs. You will try them indoor or outdoor with your loved ones, invite your friends and get together even more inspired. Because you are investing in art that will stand its value and quality in time. Your kids and their kids and the kids of their kids will inherit many one of a kind works of art. And be proud and feel supported. 

Because. Art is beauty. Art inspires. Art unites people. Art is valuable and available. Art has a mission and position in life. Art always distracts the deceiving culture of ‚Äúindustrial brand new‚ÄĚ. The original handmade artworks have the UNIQUE nature of singular availability, that can be yours at any time. And please feel free to leave a message at any time, I'd be happy to answer.¬†

Oggie Golev - SEO and art management 
33 "Sv.Sv. Kiril i Metodiy" Street 
Sofia-city, Bulgaria

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