Solo exhibition by Nadya Teknedzhieva  

August 03 - 10, 2022, Integrated Artists Gallery 

Sofia 1202, 33 “Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodiy” Street

Opening: August 3rd, 5-9 p.m.  

The exhibition presents the new works by the artist Nadya Teknedzhieva, art objects made of porcelain, in her unique elegant fine art style. The original artworks are inspired by one of the the Eastern philosophies, where the past is in front of us - we have already seen it, the present is us - it is happening here and now, and the future is behind us, behind us - we do not see it, it is not yet happened, but we create it. "

Inner States - Ships And Islands" represents my feelings and my world from the last rather cold, distant and introverted years, during which the globe "spinned" us, it spinned the whole world. I started the series in 2020 - 2021. Simple, rather silent and rather minimalist, it presents the inspiring and positive "ships and islands" for me. Some "islands" I have already lost, but I share them here without pain, but in the light they have carried and will always carry for me. Executed in the casting technique, a purely manufacturing technology, the art objects actually seek out and exploit the imperfections and defects allowed by this method of molding seemingly uniform bodies. They convey the personal, and imperfect bent shape of my life's journey, a shape inspired by the functionality originally laid down in the fine art ceramics. 

Nadya Teknedzhieva works and lives in Sofia. She graduated with the speciality of "Painting" from the "Ilia Petrov" National School of Fine Arts in 2002. She continued her education at the National Academy of Arts with the speciality of "Fine Art Ceramics", in the studio of Prof. Bojidar Bonchev. In 2015, she took successfully her doctoral degree, and since 2017 she has been the main assistant in the speciality of "Fine Art Ceramics" at the National Academy of Arts. She has two solo exhibitions in Sofia-city (at "Arosita" gallery in 2010) and the city of Plovdiv (within the National Autumn Exhibitions - "Poetics of the Image" in 2019, curated by Prof. Galina Lardeva). She actively participated in many group art exhibitions in Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Croatia, etc. In 2021, she received the third prize in the "Sculpture" category from the National Fine Arts Exhibition - Sliven 2021. In 2010, she was a resident at Cite des arts – Paris, France. She works in the fields of printmaking, fine art ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture. A distinctive direction in her work is the search for conversation and interaction in the listed artistic directions.