Solo Exhibition of Olimpia Kamcheva Stoycheska 

June 28th - 30th, 2023, Integrated Artists Gallery 

Bulgaria, Sofia-city 1202, 33 “Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy” Street 

The Chinese philosopher, inventor, and novelist Yin Lutang once said: “Travelling is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with distance or time or being away from home. It is a way of looking at things”   

The exhibition presents the new works of the artist Olimpia Kamcheva-Stoycheska from the Republic of North Macedonia. The artworks are created especially for the event in the style of abstract expressionism, each of them revealing different images, details, moments and sensations on the theme of movement and travel, its rich colors, bright vividness, and at the same time - naturalness and organic abstraction.   

The lines of Olympia, or perhaps the natural opposition and avoidance of any style, is a quality that renders futile the effort to find similarity with the expressionist art, so that we end up succumbing to pseudo-morphism. The images of Olympia are associated with the raw emotions of opposition that spring from the "inner eternal child." The premise of cultural stability and transparency around which art based on simple information is built is qualitatively missed. The "revelation" in Olympia's paintings is a rare sincerity, and it cannot be both ordered and heroized, but it can be unique in its essential originality and colorfulness. Olympia's art is self-aware, but also fresh, ambitious, and unapologetic. 

Goryan Gyorgiev, art critic