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"Graphite* as a conductor of light"

Solo exhibition by Toni Kondev  

April 15 - May 15, 2022, Integrated Artists Gallery

Sofia 1202, 33 “Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodiy” Street

Opening: April 15, 5-21 p.m.   

The exhibition presents the latest artworks by the artist Toni Kondev, graphite paintings, in his unique fantasy and photorealistic style. With it the artist focuses entirely on the material he is working with. The presented works of art reveal new observations when, at first glance, the dark gray to black color of graphite acquires a subtle multilayered image and figuratively detailed depth through its naturalistic worlds and realities, hidden at first glance in his multidimensional large paintings.    

“Working with graphite excites me because of its purity of expression and the opportunity to recreate in detail the topics, images and plots that excite me, born of my imagination. It is the one who connects my art with - point - line - spot - fantasy. Graphite for me is the conductor that connects dream with reality, surrealism with realism and fairytale with a nerve-wracking reality. Therefore, with the exhibition "Graphite as a conductor of light" I bring out the essence and focus on the depth of the paradoxical combination of light and darkness in this kind of harmless and miniature material - the graphite.”   

Toni Kondev is born in 1981 in Tripoli, Libya. He graduated from the Dimitar Dobrovich High School of Applied Arts in Sliven-town with the speciality of Drawing & Graphics, and later on a major degree in Stage Design at the National Academy of Arts. Ever since his graduation he has taken part in many solo exibitions in Bulgaria.   

* Graphite is an allotropic form of carbon that forms a gray-black opaque substance with a faint metallic luster. It is soft and smooth to the touch, highly soluble and highly conductive. When lightly rubbed on paper, it leaves a dark gray trace.