Solo exhibition by Irina Goleva  

June 24 - July 13, 2022, Integrated Artists Gallery

Address: Sofia 1202, 33 “Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodiy” Street

Opening: June 24th, 5-9 p.m.   

The exhibition presents the new works of the artist Irina Goleva - eco printmaking on wool, which create an exciting study of the organic process of transferring elements of nature onto matter. The symbiosis of the chemical processes between leaves, roots, flowers and fabrics opens the way for improvisation between textiles and the wealth given freely by nature. One element of the whole can turn around the idea of the whole, can give a point of view, that’s why the small elements are being the key in the formation of the whole.  

"For me, the simple and natural composition that I try to bring out through this natural process opens up several plans for experiencing the work. On the one hand, the exciting firm or decayed botanical imprint, which is an element of a whole composition, on the other hand the ethereal, colorful and delicate radiance of plants and flowers on the textile and last but not least - its naturalness display in the space. "  

Irina Goleva was born in Sofia in 1979. He graduated with the speciality of Art Textile Making from the Secondary School of Applied Arts “St. Luka” in 1998 and the specialities of Stage Design and Acting from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” in 2003. During her career as an artist she has been awarded with several IKAR prizes for directing of the performances “Butterflies are jet-fighters actually”, “Nocturne - from dust to brilliance” and “Lexic-ON”, an award from the Ministry of Culture for big contribution to Bulgarian culture in 2009 and many others. In the recent years she has had two solo art exhibitions - "Little Female Glances" and "From The Earth". Ever since her Academy graduation she has been working as an active freelanced artist.